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ABOUT USIs a textile printing and dyeing equipment manufacturing enterprise integrated with product development, manufacturing, regional sales and after-sales service

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? ? ? ?Shaoen Machinery is located in Binhai new town industrial zone, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, construction area of 13700 square meters 100 employees, with 2 high-level mechanical assembly area, is a textile printing and dyeing equipment product development, manufacturing, regional sales and customer service with the world famous manufacturers of printing and dyeing equipment, to improve product quality and competitiveness. Enter-prises continue to carry out product development and innovation, the investment of advanced equipment ......

COMPANY STYLEOur goal is to create value for customers and develop together with customers

NEWS INFORMATIONThe Shaoen family adhering to the spirit of Shaun, as a brave sailor, grow up with Shaoen

Technical Analysis of Color Dots and Color Spots ......2018-03-06

High-temperature high-pressure dyeing machine dyed polyester knitted fabric color spots, stains, there are two: one is due to dye condensation produced by the color spots, stains, repair agent can be repaired or stripped after re-staining; the other This is due to the fact that oligomers are produced in the fibers and cause color spots and stains that ......


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