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Open profile washing and pressing water

Open width scouring cloth cutting pressure water machine SC-K1-02

Open width scouring cloth cutting pressure water machine SC-K1-02

Open width scouring cloth cutting pressure water machine SC-K1-02?
Opening & slitting & washing& squeezing machine
1.Mechanical Performance: SC-K opening & slitting & washing & squeezing machine is explored for cotton knitting fabric which need to combine the opening & slitting & washing & squeezing functions assembly equipment, matched the E+L slitting which from Germany, Shaoen digital detwisting structure, energy saving and environmental protection, water circulation filter solution by washing the dirty things on fabric. The 3 sets of tension controlling of the machine make the low inflation force, and prevent the damage to the fabric during the operation of the equoipment.
2.Equipment advantages (reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency)
1)provincial people- just need 1 worker to operate the whole machine with automatic operation system;
2)labor-saving—detwist, edge correction , automatically , no manual operation;
3)effeicient-- speed can reach 100m/min;
4)Provincial space-the cloth directly gets into the opening machine from the cylinder after dyeing, eliminates the dehydration of the cloth truck, thus greatly reducing the occupation of the space;
5)The whole machine adopts PLC touch screen control, with simple operation and steady performance;
6)While machine stainless steel manufacturing, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, clean and beautiful.
3.Technical parameters:
1)Model: SC-B
2)Power: less than 20kw/h
3)Air pressure:0.4mpa/㎡
4)Width: 2200mm-2500mm
5)Shape size: 7m long *3m width*6.5m height
Open width scouring cloth cutting pressure water machine Device module
Padder with weighting-It is including the entry detection mechanism, pressure roller and cloth bucket mechanism; cloth detection mechanism and a press roller mechanism of function is consistent with the tension pressure, the main function of cloth bucket is making fabric storage transferred from the rollers. In order to keeping low tension of fabric feed into the host.
Active Detwister-including detwisting wheel, driving belt wheel and detection wheel; when the rope cloth into the detwisting mechanism, sensor detecting wheel will trigger the corresponding direction according to the direction of the cloth rope twist, the signal inductor given through the control center, data processing, control the direction of rotation of the wheel twist solution, to achieve the purpose of detwisting; control the tension of cloth by regulating the driving belt wheel speed, keep the steady tension between the host institutions and detwister.
Support frame-auxiliary detwist device, mainly for bracing detwisting and beating. A new twist frame using new structure, cancel the bulky structure of old shelves, dive the host weight while maintaining strength, this change makes the whole equipment more stable and reliable.
The host-includes beating mechanism, slitting mechanism, adjustable expanding roller mechanism, centering mechanism, double driving roller mechanism, electric box and tension frame, and added a foot stool, relieve fatigue in the operation of the equipment operator, increase work efficiency.
Beating mechanism: revised to the rotation structure, the two sides with sir cylinder to push and pull, when the device is in the function of the slitting, the beating to be push up, when the device is in the open function to push the beating down.
Automatic slitting mechanism: this mechanism adopts a rotating shaft fixing, when the device is in the function of cutting cloth, the mechanismwill rotate to the middle position and fixed, when the device is in the open width function the mechanism rotate to the left position and fixed.
Adjustable expanding roller mechanism: used for opening width, can be appropriate to adjust the angle according to the different cloth.
The centering mechanism: keep the cloth around the balance distance.
Double active roller: the main transmission function.
Tension frame: keep steady tension between before and after active roller.
E+L automatic slitting cage-It is very rugged stainless steel guidance cage design from Germany
-Dry /wet fabric with low longitudinal stress
-The rollers are rubbing against the wheels, the cutter can locate the leakage needle accurately and quickly
-Excellent resolution of leakage needle electric eye
-Easily sets for different needle leak
-Infrared transmitter ensures excellent contrast.
-Use the BT 25 type cutting device, cutting edge neat.
-Blade with strong abrasion resistance
Automatic slitting with Japanese Imaged- with manual and automatic slitting function, in the automatic state can automatically identify the section line, adjust speed and rotation direction of the cloth cage motor automatically, to find the most suitable position to cutting. Widely used for kinds of cloth, cost-effective, economic type.
Washing tank with shocking filter
As the fabric with wool get into the washing tank, the first spray washed repeatedly on fabric. Then the fabric get into the oscillating roller, the roller drives the water rolling, brushing the wool on the fabric again. When the fabric leave the tank, the second spray begin, through the spray of both sides, to achieve the washing purpose.
Simultaneously, the wool brushed from the washing tank will get into the shocking filter, the filter will screen the wool away from the water, and the water will flow into the water storage tank, the water in the storage tank will be divided into to, one is for spraying cycle . the other is to be the cycle water at the bottom of the washing tank.
Advantage: the filter superiority mainly manifests for water conservation, erosion of high efficiency, good effect of removing wool from cloth.
When the oscillating roller highoscillations working, the intermediate mesh roller and plum shaped roller space, The negative pressure and water extrusion act on the cloth surface, the cloth surface produces the flap, the water penetrates the cloth surface, effectively clean the fine impurity and the cloth wool in the cloth.
Squeezer-the high pressure squeezer using HF190-170-2 type air spring, when the pressure reached 0.4MPa , the pressure of the roller to reach 10T, the line pressure is f=45KN/m. After the fabric goes through the rollers, can effectively reduce the rate of liquid on fabric. Before entering into the rollers, the water tank passes through the sink and two dividing rolls to ensure that the cloth surface of the pressure roller is clean and smooth without wrinkling. The water squeezed out of the pressure roller enters the water tank through the water receiving plate to achieve the recycling using.
The oscillating roller produces high frequency oscillations at work, in the middle space between net roller and mesh pattern roller, sub-atmospheric pressure and water extrusion interaction on cloth, beating the cloth, water penetrates the cloth, the cloth will effectively cleaned.
Folding-falling and folding the fabric into the cloth vehicle after finishing absorbent. Including the main drive and swing roller mechanism; the main drive transmit the power to the swing roller mechanism through the chain transmission mechanism, to realize the swing back and forth. The cloth surface enters the cloth vehicle to maintain the smooth state.
Wash tank water roller
SC-K open profile washing and pressing water-Model

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