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Solid color soft machine
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Color fixing and softening machine

Color fixing and softening machine

Color fixing and softening machine: (treatment equipment after dyeing)
In the traditional process, the color fixing and softening process are processed in the dyeing machine, the time consuming for color fixing and softening is long, and the energy consumption is large.
The new color fixing and softening machine that we researched and development not only meets the new situation of environmental protection and energy saving, but also meets the needs of the current dyeing and printing factory.
1. Equipment mechanical performance: model SN-220 color fixing and softening machine is made for dyeing cloth washing, fixing color, softening. It is mainly applicable to continuous color fixing, softening or washing process after dyeing of pure cotton and blended knitted fabric.
2.Working principle: in the traditional technology of color fixing and softening are made inside of overflow dyeing machine, now we move color fixing and softening process outside the cylinder, the fabric goes out of dyeing machine, go through the fabric feeding frame of the color fixing and softening machine to squeeze water preliminary, then enter into the rope washing, color fixing, softening, finally rolled out of cloth’s water after padder’s rolling. Shorten the process time of dyeing process. To achieve washing, fixing color, softening synchronization completed.
3.the whole equipment processes arrangement:
Fabric feeding frame, small padder, rope washing unit, small padder and out cloth rack Equipment advantages (reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency)
1) Province people - one person to operate the whole machine with automatic operation system;
2) saving time, efficient - improve the utilization rate of dyeing machine, shorten the dyeing process time, improve production efficiency;
3) saving water, saving energy - less water consumption in the same kind of machine, environmental protection and energy saving;
4) simple operation, stable performance;
5) whole machine stainless steel manufacturing, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, clean and beautiful.
4. Main technical specifications and parameters:
1, Equipment MODEL: SN-220
2, Mechanical speed: 50m/min
3, Steam pressure: 0.7Mpa
4, Compressed air pressure: 0.4Mpa
5, Electric drive: AC frequency conversion.
6, Size (length x width x height): 4000x4000x3700mm
7, the whole machine weight: 1500Kg, whole machine power: 7.5Kw
SN-220 type soft fixation machine after rope dyeing
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